Sunday, December 20, 2020


Life between the lakes, part 7

The sun avoided Deer Park during the first part of the week as the lake froze. Now the snow is sticking around because of the temps. When the sun came back it arrived with a vengeance, bringing glorious color in the morning and casting long shadows in the afternoon.

When you are in the wilderness you are given the unique privilege of watching the constant motion of our sun, literally unfolding in front of you by the second; versus just sensing that the sun is rising because the sky is getting lighter. There is a huge difference.

Tiger Jack Burke and Needa have adapted well to their new temporary home. Needa made the trip to town today with me today and had her head out the window for the 40-minute drive there and the 40 minute drive back.

I had a mental double-take when today on the radio someone said that it was only a week until Christmas.

Nobody was in the Newberry Post Office as I went to mail a package. I had to ring the bell to get someone to the counter and I could tell she was smiling at me under her mask as we chatted. 

There were no idiot drivers cutting me off as I drove through town, no vibrating cars blasting hip hop at the filling station, no crabby people at the uncrowded grocery store, and a woman at the drug store wished me a Merry Christmas.

Small town life. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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