Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Memory in the making

It’s been a bitter sweet time for the dogs and I lately. We’ve been on our “goodbye tour” of the neighborhood the last two weeks as we prepare to move and take care of Mom full time.

We walk at least two miles every day with a morning route and afternoon route. Often there is an evening route. Many people along these routes have become very attached to them and vice versa. When I told the I was moving, everyone was shocked. There were a lot of tears, long hugs and quiet goodbyes from them.

I am sure Jack and Needa will made new friends in our new neighborhood. They’ve had to do it before, but this time, considering their age, it feels different.

It is difficult to remove them from the home they have loved so well. I feel like a parent telling their kid they will be spending their senior year at another school.

Needa Lou and Jack knew something has been going on these last few weeks as I packed boxes. Mom has been over a lot too. At least two or three times during each visit she asks about the boxes and I explain that I am packing because I’m moving and will be living with her to take care of her. She always seems pleased and surprised and says it sounds nice.

This is the last shot of Needa and Jack in my yard. Our new house has a yard twice the size and is surrounded by large trees but not the same amazing neighbors we’ve come to know.

A new chapter begins now. It has no outline and we have no idea how long it will last. You never know when you are doing something for the last time until you are able to look back on it and classify it as a memory.

Tomorrow, this will likely be a memory.

A really, great, bittersweet memory.