Sunday, March 1, 2020

Your mother should know

My mother’s declining condition with her Alzheimer’s disease helped us reassess what was best for her and we moved her into a memory care facility about a month ago.

Her first week there was terrible. The second week, not much better. The third and fourth weeks showed some improvement, though after every visit, or day trip with us, all she talked about was wanting to go home . . . and it continues.

Every week on our way to church we listen to “Breakfast with the Beatles,” on AM 580, CKWW out of Windsor. Today the first song we heard was “Your Mother should know.”

It was Liverpool Synchronicity.

Mom loves being in her church. She always knows where she is and is greeted warmly by her friends. Despite her condition, she can fake things very well. She still creates a welcoming environment as she greets strangers who quickly become her friend.

After church we take a drive through Royal Oak and she marvels at all the changes. Next up is a leisurely lunch at the Red Olive in Clawson, where we’ve never had a bad meal.

We lose more of her each week. When mom doesn’t remember something about her parent’s or my Dad’s passing, I explain to her that it is OK to forget.

And then I give her the best reassurance I can to remind her we are here to help remember everyone and everything for her.

After that, she wraps her arms around me and says: "Oh, thank you. I love you."

You're welcome Mom. Everybody loves you too.