Sunday, December 20, 2020

Life between the lakes, part 8


Life between the lakes, part 8

Jack and Needa have adapted well to our new life between the lakes. I have a nice run for them outside my door and they are always eager to get up and out each morning to sniff the woods, do their business, feel the cold and rush back into our cozy cottage for a warmly prepared, custom breakfast.

Needa has a great sense of what I am doing and immediately knows when I am preparing to head out for a drive. I give her a wink and gesture toward the door, put some peanut butter in Jack’s dish to distract him and we’re gone

I know my dogs miss the social aspect of living in the city. But maybe this is the retirement they dreamed about?

It is very easy to lose track of time up here.

And I am happy to miss all the yule-tide bullshit and normal aggravations of the Christmas season I’d be feeling in Royal Oak. 

I feel no “Christmas stress” up here and I send this as a prayer and wish for all of you who might experience it this week.

Move to the UP and be my neighbor when I settle in; Jack and Needa would love to see you and I just might to as well.

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