Wednesday, December 9, 2020


The sun is in no rush to invade Deer Park today. There is a smooth but dense cloud covering as far as I can see. It is swirled like icing on a pastry with occasional marbling that becomes more defined as the earth dips below the sun and the sky becomes lighter. The wind sock jiggles and the trees act as if they are shivering but I know they are no strangers to Mother Nature’s daily dose of living in the north woods.

What will this day hold for me?  It’s hard to tell. I’ve spent the last two days writing a bit and settling into my new place. I had to make one trip to town to complete a financial transaction, which did not go smoothly. There was a brand new ATM at the credit union, only it did not accept deposits. . . yeah, exactly! And then there was a bank that couldn’t help because I am a credit union member.

I haven’t been on a grocery run yet and am learning to drink coffee without any sweetener. It goes down harder but seems just as potent. One thing I am picking up on is how everything takes longer to do around here. This includes cooking (low and slow) walking (no sidewalks) driving (speed limit is 55) and even dressing the dogs and getting them out of the house (through the breezeway and garage).

And I absolutely love it.

Before I moved I was living in a woodsy pocket of Royal Oak where the trees absorbed much of the traffic noise. But regardless, it still existed as a low, dull static, punctuated by horns, occasional sirens and the frequent revving of an engine as the driver accelerated so they could beat the car ahead of them to the next traffic light.

The dogs are still resting after their breakfast. Lake Superior is relatively calm at the moment but I can still hear a soothing rush of the wind moving across the water. It comes from the exposed area of the road near the lagoon about a half a mile away.

My senses are starting to acclimate to my surroundings. When I walk down the road I am surrounded by Christmas trees, all waiting for December 25th to roll around. It will be here soon as another Upper Peninsula winter is on deck, waiting for the right moment to burst.

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