Friday, December 25, 2020

Life between the lakes, part 10

This morning the snow gently fell; snow on snow on snow.

The flakes danced, swirled and hovered between where I sit and 30 feet away where the frozen lake holds steadfast under a fresh white, Christmas blanket. It is almost as if these snowflakes didn't want to land.

I’m listening to my favorite Christmas album, a little known gem by Dan Fogelberg titled “The First Christmas Morning.” I don’t know why but can only listen to it on Christmas. It contains the most beautiful version of “In the bleak midwinter” that I have ever heard.

People have asked if I get bored up here or if it’s hard being so isolated and the answer is no. Not once this Christmas season did I have to put up with the lunacy and bad behavior that is found in metropolitan areas during the holidays.

The worst thing that happened was I arrived at the post office 5 minutes late yesterday and couldn’t mail a book to a friend and my pastie couldn’t be scanned at the grocery store and I had to wait a whole three minutes! 

I am desperate to get my creativity and inspiration back and right now I have the opportunity to reflect on what has transpired in my life these last few years, put it behind me, get focused again and write again. I’ve already surpassed my total word count of the last two years and it has not yet been three weeks of work.

I am getting as much of this in as I can and while I continue to look for a house in town because it will be different when I get back into the working world.

Tonight I’m splurging with a New York strip and a few shrimp for dinner. After our walk, Jack and Needa had hot ground beef and scrambled eggs on top of their kibble. They are both resting at my feet right now. It was a good Christmas indeed.

Look up Fogelberg’s album if you want a real treat and remember the reason we celebrate this day.

The First Christmas Morning

Away in the east shines a star in the sky

That leads us to where He is born

And bearing good tidings and gifts we shall give

To Him on this first Christmas morning

Holy our journey and holy our love

That takes us to find and adore Him

And blessed the baby that sleeps in his bed

And wakes on this first Christmas morning


The Lord in His wisdom, the Lord in His grace

Has given to man a redeemer

To save us from sin and to show us the light

That shines on this first Christmas morning

And will shine ever each Christmas morning

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