Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 19




Life between the lakes, part 19

I have been the primary camp chef for about the last 20 years or so at the cabin. It is a role I embrace. Nobody has died or had any unpleasant experiences with my meal preparation--- so I’ve got that going for me.

But now the younger generation is taking on more of the work in the kitchen, which is fine by me. Fortunately great culinary talent runs in the family. Originally I took on the job because the truth is I much preferred cooking to doing the cleanup and dishes.

At the cabin, we have a gas stove (in the old days it was a wood burning stove) and our indoor plumbing is the pump in the corner of the room. Each major meal takes advance planning. We often grill in the summer when Charlie brings up a cooler full of top shelf meat products from Fareway grocery in Des Moines.

My Cousin Charlie’s daughter is the up and coming culinary superstar in this bunch. She is a loveable teenager who rolls her eyes a lot when I crack bad jokes (or good jokes) but she is meticulous and adventuresome, creative and very competent in the kitchen.

I am solo in my kitchen and cook every day for myself and Jack and Needa. They’ll usually have lean ground beef with their kibble in the morning along with a dollop of cottage cheese. They get baked chicken breast for their mid-morning snack after our mile walk.

Dinner will be kibble and sardines or tuna fish or more chicken breast with a low sodium chicken broth or more beef with an occasional cooked carrot and scoop of peanut butter to keep their interest. After our evening walk, they get scrambled eggs and a dollop of low-fat yogurt and then they go to bed. My goal is to take such good care of them that they outlast me. 🙂

Several years ago a family member came up with a nickname for my sister because my sister is just one of those all-time great people you might be lucky to find in your lifetime. Her nickname? Deb the Greatest.

Today Deb the Greatest lived up to her name when I got a message from her telling me to go look outside because a package she sent had just been delivered.

She sent me two pizzas from Loui’s in Hazel Park, MI. I can hardly wait for suppertime. The dogs will get their scrambled eggs tonight, but I’m eating Loui’s. . . in Deer Park, Michigan. . .which is probably a first for both Deer Park and for a Loui’s pizza.

Living on the lake is hard to beat.

Having a sister who sends you Loui’s pizza. . . PRICELESS.

And don't forget to read her "punny message" in the second photo.

#DebtheGreatest: Translation: "One of this sweet world’s rarest finds."

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