Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 18


Life between the lakes, part 18
The snow circuses are forming on the big lake. They start like this and rapidly progress into different shapes and sizes throughout the winter. I call them circuses because they remind me of animals; both real and imagined.
Today is the first day when it not only looked really cold outside but WAS really cold outside.
An unrelenting south wind has taken the snow on the lake and created snow ghost after snow ghost, which have been flying across Muskallonge Lake all day.
The snow squalls are biting; picking up the ground snow, swirling it and rushing it into random circles gust after gust. The large trees, (sans leaves) are swaying with the strength needed when a summer storm pushing their limits. I hope it lets up soon--- just sayin.
And that's the news from Deer Park, MI.

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