Sunday, January 17, 2021

LIfe between the lakes, part 17


Life between the lakes, part 17

I currently live on a wide, dirt road that is actually better to drive on in the winter than it is in summer. As the snow falls and turns to ice, all the potholes are instantly fixed. making the road smooth. When we get snow the Luce County Road Commission takes good care of my neighborhood. It is plowed on the same day and sometimes two and three times if the snow is heavier, which is no small feat considering there are thirty miles of it between me and the town of Newberry.

I walk Jack and Needa about a half to three quarters of a mile and back in the morning and the same distance but in the other direction in the afternoon. When there is mild activity on the big lake there are a few different points where it can be heard because of a high ridge that creates a barrier between the road we walk and the Lake Superior.

As we walk between these spots it sounds like the slow fading rumble you hear after a long freight train has passed. Sometimes I spend a couple minutes just standing still and listening.

But when the big lake is roaring, I hear it the moment I step outside. We are currently fifteen degrees above the average for January. This is good for some but bad for the snowmobile crowd.

There were coyote tracks all over the place as lately I have been putting scraps out for the one that lives just down the road. I hope to catch a photo of him but he is one elusive dude.

The stargazing has been lousy but I know it will improve. In the meantime, the sun came out this afternoon. I love what the weather patterns here create for dreamers like me.

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