Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 14



Wednesday Epiphany

I baked some homemade bread this evening and the cottage smells wonderful.

Today’s version is a little more personal than giving you the weather report from Deer Park.

Weather is important, Hemingway said so, but I digress.

Despite living a place with a beautiful view, it is easy to have down days up here because weather can impact your mood.

Today was quiet with a slight warming trend. At 37 degrees Snow is actively melting on Muskallonge Lake.

Today is also the Christian holiday of Epiphany. And it is was ironic that I had an epiphany today (which has nothing to do with the theme of the holiday.)

The epiphany is somber and has been a bit crippling and it is this:

After you lose a parent and the next parent passes, there is an invisible Tsunami that hits you from behind.

You can’t stop it and even if you think you could come out of the trauma unscathed, you won't.

The emotion is hard hit for a human heart to absorb, much less process and live with. 

I am taking some time to process mine.

Just had to get that out.

That and also that I baked some homemade bread tonight and the cottage still smells wonderful.

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