Sunday, January 24, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 18, SPECIAL EDITION

If you divvy up Muskallonge Lake into equal slices, it is safe to say that everyone with property has their own little slice of Heaven.

A few years ago, a longtime fixture on Muskallonge Lake, Deer Park Lodge, was sold. After nearly 30 years the previous owners turned over the keys to Rick and Kristi Jackson.

Deer Park Lodge has always been one of the Upper Peninsula’s best kept secrets. The cabins are always full in the summer; a time when most people think the UP is at its best. But ask a snow mobiler or ice fisherman and they will tell you otherwise. It truly is a four season’s destination.

Transitions like this are often hard. When you have the same owner for such a long time, people, especially locals, can be slow to accept the change. But what Rick and Kristi have done with the place is nothing short of amazing. Much of what was there, they didn’t have to change. Why would they when there was already a winning combination in place?

They offer six cabins that can sleep various amounts of people, per cabin. The cabins are available year round with an occasional break during slow times so Rick and Kristi can take a vacation. But if you book a cabin and make the drive, you can literally leave with nothing but the clothes on your back and make a week or weekend out of it. In other words, even though you couldn’t get yourself together enough to pack properly, you will still have a vacation to remember.

The store is stocked with literally everything you need, unless you are one of those “high maintenance city folks” who expect cappuccinos in the morning with eggs Benedict while having your pillow turned and a mint left on top of it.

The store carries the important things like beer, wine, an impressive assortment of liquor and enough food for three square meals a day. You do your own cooking. But they also have clothing, light hardware, books, propane, firewood, souvenirs, candy, personal items, boat and motor rental, a laundry mat, camping supplies, maps, fishing and game licenses and everything a fisherman would need for a successful trip.

They have made some awesome additions to their inventory as well. Forget your gloves, hat or goggles? They’ve got ‘em.  Need your wi-fi? They’ll give you a password. There is a backup generator so you’ll never be left in the dark and if you ask Rick nicely, he might even tell you the best places to fish. Having back troubles or discomfort? Kristi is a Doctor of Chiropractic who had her own practice down state for over twenty years.

While staying at Deer Park Lodge, you have access to some of the best destinations in the UP for fishing, hunting, hiking, rock hunting and star gazing. In the neighborhood, you are only a few minutes from Lake Superior and you are right in the middle of some of the best snowmobiling anywhere in America.

I will post their web site in a follow up message because these days it seems Facebook does something to posts that include links

Rick and Kristi have become fast friends of mine up here. They love what they are doing and it shows and they would LOVE to extend their hospitality to you. Tell ‘em I sent you and they’ll give you a cabin with a great view.

Ok, actually all the cabins have a great view. You won’t regret your decision to come and experience some of the best outdoor living the Upper Peninsula has to offer.

I’m Pete Wurdock and I approved this message.

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