Sunday, April 11, 2021

Between the Lakes, part 38



Life Between the Lakes, part 38

Two weeks ago the town of Newberry lost a great friend to the community, Fred Dunkeld. He was a business man who spent 48 years committed to the restoration and operation of the Tahqualand Theatre in Newberry. His remarkable photography decorated the real estate office and captured his love for the outdoors.

Fred started his life in Southern Africa, initially in Swaziland moving to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) as a toddler where he completed his schooling. It was in Rhodesia that his love for nature developed which lead to expertise in capturing it on film through his photography. He moved to the United States in 1955 and later earned his pilot's license. In the mid 1960's, Fred landed in the Upper Peninsula and stayed forever.

Watching a movie at the Tahqualand Theater was always a unique experience. Fred was dedicated to the restoration of the theater for the 48 years he owned it. He’d sell the tickets and then head up to the projection booth to run the movie.

While running a picture, about halfway through, Fred would stop the projector, throw on the house lights and then stick his head out of the projection box and yell “Inn-terr-mission!” This allowed patrons to take a bathroom break and purchase more movie snacks at the snack bar, served by Fred.

In a small town like Newberry, the words on the marquee now say it all.

But sometimes saying it all is an understatement.

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