Thursday, June 10, 2021

Life between the Lakes, part 49




I hadn’t been out of Deer Park for almost a week, but once I left, I was in for a pleasant surprise. It was at that moment I saw every possible shade of green along CR 407 between Deer Park and Newberry, like I never will again.

I throttled some more. It was seventy degrees and all the windows were open. The sky was a brilliant blue and, as usual, Needa had her head out the window and a big smile on her face. To make that perfect moment better, Merle Haggard’s “Lukenbach Texas” was on the radio and I verbally thanked the Lord for the brief moment of personal bliss.

I’ve had the windows open this week because it feels like the mild part of summer.  We’ve been in the 70’s and as high as 81. I took my first submerged dip into the lake on Tuesday. It was glorious. I washed my hair and was reminded of how soft the water is in Muskallonge Lake. No tangles. I haven’t had a haircut since November.

On our evening walk last weekend I smelled the first bonfire of the season compliments of a fisherman just down the road. There was something reassuring about it the smell. The crackle, the hiss and the slight sound in evening blended perfectly with the calm lake and the sight of the first falling star.

The arrival of summer (in 28 days) trumps the promise of spring for me and I believe everyone could use a bit of summer in their lives these days.  But the most important date on my calendar is 41 days from now, when I will be with my family at the cabin; where we can all laugh and love again.


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