Friday, May 21, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 48



As I’ve written about before, the geese and ducks have settled on the north shore of the lake.  It is obviously hard to tell them apart but I’ve come to know a few families. by their habits.

One thing that is always consistent is that the fathers are always eating while the mothers guide the flock (do all the work.) Much like life itself.

Tonight this multifamily flock invaded the yard. I was surprised they let me get so close to them because usually they bolt when I open the door.

Of course, geese are messy.  While we are trying to be sympathetic to the new families, we don’t want goose shit all over or to let them feel too comfortable in the yard.

But I feel for them.  One family started out with six babies and now there are only four.

Of the three families present, I counted 14 chicks with one of them, five with the other and a three with the last.

You can be pro-nature all you want and tell me hunting is evil but it is survival of the fittest out here.

Yesterday an eagle circled and did a slow dive between the cedars. It barely landed and in one swift motion left with one of the chicks in its talons without consulting me. 

This morning he came back and took a red squirrel in the same fashion around the same time and for some strange reason, it didn't impact me as much.

Survival is as survival does.

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