Thursday, February 11, 2021

Life between the lakes, part 23




It has been an exceptional week in Deer Park, MI. The skies have been clear and despite the sub-zero temperatures, the sun has favored our zip code far more than others. 

Some perspective on what I witness every day:

When we face the sun and see it in real time, only then will we begin to understand how quickly time slips through our fingers.

It is a gift not many people ever see or feel.

So take chances and be kind.

This is a shot of Gitche Gumie freezing over.

I was in two spots today; one was a sixty foot cliff overlooking Lake Superior and the other was at lake level. I walked through knee high snow and thigh high drifts up and down both ways but it was worth the hike.

On our afternoon walk it was absolute quiet until I heard a jet overhead. It faded in and out within two minutes. 

But today, the thing I loved best was the sound of eight paws and two feet crunching the sun covered snow.

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