Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Pete Wurdock is an emerging voice in Michigan fiction. The new book, Bending Water and Stories Nearby was given 5 out of 5 Stars on in a review with its Kindle release today:

Brushing the Cheek of Our Own Humanity, October 21, 2013

After reading Wurdock's collection of short stories, I just felt more human. I didn't plan on reading as much as I did, for as long as I did, but I couldn't help it.

The author's prose have the same consistency of flowing water. I felt like I was being taken on a spiritual and emotional journey downriver, where there was calm water, then mighty rapids, then a steady calm again.

Books like this remind me of how important it is to just take time to reflect upon our lives. We need to appreciate the little things as they float past.

I highly recommend this collection, as it captures the good times in life as well as the beautiful sadness that makes us all human.  This review is from: Bending Water and Stories Nearby (Kindle Edition) by Jo

sef Bastian.

“Peter Wurdock writes stories that are so real, you’ll feel like you already know the characters and you care about what happens to them. You won’t want the stories to end.” -Sherry Margolis, News Anchor, Fox News, Detroit

“Wurdock has infused new life into the literary landscape with a collection of stories that are reminiscent of Hemingway’s Nick Adams stories, avoiding the pitfalls of the derivative by plotting a course through the rough, unpredictable and often isolated terrain of Michigan’s natural splendor, populated with characters wrestling with emotive realization in a voice that is equally fresh as it is contemporary. - Robert Martin, Review Magazine

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